Sometimes you might know every aspect of the guidelines to physically create a Mind Map and have no ideas for a Mind Map.  Similar to going to school for years in computer programming and not having one idea for an app when you are done.  Well good news.  When you’re done reading this, the content aspect of Mind Mapping should not present a road block for you.

When you have a thought, idea, task, problem, presentation, notes or one of the many other things you would like to Mind Map, you have to decide on 1 of 3 things.  Is the Mind Map going to be for you, for someone else, or for you and someone else.  Deciding this can then let your super computer flex its muscles.  You don’t have to do anymore than think of the direction you want to follow.  Following a direction your brain will give you more channeled information in the right category and  faster than without the direction.  It is non stress.  The more you relax the better it works.  A daydreaming state comes close to tapping your sub-conscious.  (See Your Own Lab for testing results).  Keep in mind that a lot of the Mind Maps you wish to do won’t take any thought about direction you wish to go.  For example, a presentation Mind Map is obviously for others.  Taking class notes is obviously for yourself.  Developing a recipe can be only for yourself but you may want to share it, so it can be for you and others.

The first few moments (above) lead naturally to an important and overlooked step.  That is the Topic.  It is the first thing that you start with.  It is in the center. It is the title and the subject of your Mind Map.  I have found that when I am having difficulty with a particular Mind Map I will go back and change the Topic and start fresh.  Surprisingly everything turns out well.  I also found that I usually do the same Mind Map about three times. I try to do them quickly and always find the results positive and interesting.

You will find if the more you relax, the easier the branches form.  Keep in mind that the use of a single word is paramount to keep your momentum going.

You will see that if you start with planning a party or planning a dinner, the amount of important detail that you will have will assure you of not forgetting anything and will amaze you.  The other thing that you’ll notice is the relatively short amount of time you spent on doing the Mind Map.  Finally, it is 100% for you, so it will be perfect.