Because of the newness of the site and the book and the blog parts will be promoted separately, I did want to make sure you can quickly get to where you want to be.  I will also use this area to post upcoming and recent post guidance.

Navigating the site Is As Easy As Clicking On The Image of Where You Want To Go. Or ToGet To Where You Want To Be Will Be In The Menus On The Right Hand Side

What We Are About

Intro to the site and what it will do.  A big welcome.

How To Mind Map

How to easily create Mind Maps that are surprisingly effective.  Style and content will be explained.  For all levels of Mind Mappers.

Mind Map Mentor

A book that easily opens a useful Mind Mapping world. Take a look. Mind Map Mentor.  It is for sale

Reach Out

It’s easy to get in touch.  Contact is a click away.  Always want to hear from you


A Mind Map Blog

This blog is going to explore in detail different aspects of Mind Mapping Enabling you to experiment and to optimize your experience.

Mind Map Gallery

Different Mind Maps for you to see the variety of ways to apply Mind Mapping. You may discover some new avenues.