Mind Mapping are the many attributes it has and what you end up with.  The attributes are as follows:

Mind Mapping is all about you.  You don’t need anyone but yourself to benefit from it.  Of course you can involve others.  You can do MindMaps for others but always the end result is the satisfaction and benefit that you will get from Mind Mapping.

The other attributes all have import but are just icing on the cake.  They are as follows;  very short learning curve but always progressing, little or no expense required, intelligence not a factor in accomplishment, external judgment or grading not a factor and you will see more as you progress.

The following posts will show you a “how to do” about Mind Mapping

How to Read a Mind Map It makes sense to be able to read a Mind Map as the initial step.  But you’ll see it will be easy.

Nuts and Bolts These are the guidelines for the physical structure that I use for the Mind Mapping I do and you will see on this web site.

There is also a post on the reasons why the suggestions for the structure are what they are.  This post is, The Whys (for the How To).  You might find this very interesting.

Content Now you know how to read and structure a Mind Map we get to the critical point.  That is of content.  The approach is going to vary by individual.  But you will learn techniques and hints that will help you quickly and effectively create what you are looking for in a Mind Map.