This gallery is exclusively stocked with Mind Maps that I have done.  The purpose is for you to see my thoughts on a particular topic.  As you can see the look is similar.  Read the mind maps from the center outward.  Doing this with an iPhone is actually beneficial looking at a branch in the landscape mode and enlarging it helps you isolate and focus.  There are no distractions for creating images in your mind.  In the Blog we will be dissecting Mind Maps to help you with the image creation.  Great fun coming up.

I will be putting up Mind Maps that I do for the Blog.  Not all of them but hopefully enough to attract people to look at the Blog.  There will be a lot of experimentation with the blog.  I am keeping it separate because not all the topics will appeal to everyone.

The reason that I am only putting my mind maps in the gallery is so there is no confusion of styles and the experimentation has constants in format and style for reference.  This style and method along with the  experimentation should amaze you.

The first one Mind Mapping with Images is an example of one I did placing images.  I don’t think it works that well but maybe might trigger something for you.

This second one is my thought process for the outline of this website. You can see that it is an early form but really hasn’t varied that much. 

 The Book For Sale is an outline for Mind Map Mentor. Easy to see the thinking that went on.

Bitcoin Research Topics is an outline of things I wanted to cover in researching Bit Coins for my own personal information.  Still undecided about bit coins.

This is a Mind Map I used in giving the class on Mind Mapping. Every student received a copy and it was projected on a screen.  Even though I could use the same one for future presentations and the class would be different, I do enjoy doing a new one. 

This is my day timer for one day.  It just takes a few minutes to put together.  It doesn’t need color because it is just a reminder in nature.  What is nice is I do it on a scrap piece of paper and carry it around adding and crossing out things that are done.

We had an Open House at the school promoting the evening adult classes.  I did a Mind Map for a hand out as an example of Mind Mapping. It has notations explaining some of features of Mind Mapping. 

This is the Open House Hand Out without the notations.  There are some school of thoughts that think notations can be a integral part of Mind Mapping.  I don’t agree.  What do you think?