A Chance To Go Deeper Into Mind Mapping

for only $3.99

Learn A Simple Effective Mind Mapping Format…Solve Problems…Give Presentations…Take Notes …. And More With Mind Mapping 

An easy to use ePub formatted book on Mind Mapping. It written so your smart phone can be used for reading.  Just about every other device should work with it.



The first thing you will notice is that the price is at the top of the ad.  It annoys me on websites when something is being sold that you have to go through many screens to find out what the price is.  I put it at the top so you know what it is and then determine if the value is there for you to purchase it.  No tricks, no endless screens to go through and just being able to make a decision easily when you wish.

The difficulty with Mind Mapping is quite simply identifying  the many useful facets it has.  Almost anything you do or think of can benefit from a Mind Map.  Only by doing Mind Mapping will you derive the benefit.  Learning the what and how is easy and fast.  And the best thing is there are plenty of Mind Maps to look at  to see how it works.  Quick start yourself by copying one of the existing ones in the book or from the gallery in the Web Site.  

A Little About The Tech Side

There were a few things that I want to cover about the tech side of the book.

First the format is in ePub. It is a universal format and should work with most devices.  It will adapt to any size device you are using.  On smaller devices (i.e. iPhones) it will.  This eliminates graphics being cut in half but does leave some blank space if a graphic won’t fit on the page. The benefit is that you don’t loose anything and also you should be able to look at landscape views and enlarge an image if your device allows it. This is important when viewing Mind Maps. You should also be able to change the size of the text (and background color).

Finally I tried to write this in short chunks. This will allow you to read parts on your Phone or small tablet