Mind Mapping for Children  is a “book” for young children, ages from about 3 1/2 to 7.  The “book” is really only 1 page and that page is a Mind Map the other pages describe how to guide the child in the use of the Mind Map.  The “book” actually has two versions: one for the Mac and one in PDF for other systems.  The Mac one is published in iBooks.  The PDF version is not available on Google Play yet, but just e-mail me a request and I’ll send you one the PDF version.

The differences between the two formats are as follows:

Obviously one will only work on Apple devices and the other will work on all other devices.

The “book” was made to have the child interact with it.  Ideally an iPhone is something the child can handle easily.  The images on the Mind Map are meant to be enlarged to fill the screen.  On the iPhone the child can enlarge the image to fill the screen simply by tapping on the image.  Using the PDF format the image has to be enlarged by finger gestures.  Although kids pick this up quickly, using an iPhone will lower the age that a child can interact with the Mind Map.

Please request the PDF version through CONTACT

Here is the link to iBooks