The beauty of Mind Mapping is that you can’t make a mistake.  Ultimately you end up doing all Maps for yourself so you should want to maximize the result for yourself.  The structuring is simple and yet if you do it the way we suggest you will be very pleased with the results. You will become more adept the more Mind Maps you do.

First the reason that why we doing the Mind Maps the way we do is that they are pleasing to the brain done like this.  It causes the foundation for spectacular achievement.  Think for a moment of the structure and what happens.  The overall look is not something that has traditional design elements.  But rather a framework that allows your supercomputer (your brain) to operate with freedom that it is not used to.  The combination of structural guidelines allows a wonderful freedom for your brain.

This section will be repeated because of its importance.  It is the essence of Mind Mapping.  If you think about you’ll realize how much sense it makes sense and is the kind of thing that you should find very useful.

Single words: use of single words keeps an open end on a thought (Tony Buzan explains this in several u tube videos he does.)  More importantly it allows you, if you are relaxed and slightly daydreaming a chance to get into your subconscious. No straight lines; keeps rigidity out of the equation and also allowing a flowing non structured guide without obstruction.  Your supercomputer processes information must faster than you are aware of.  It goes faster and easier with the single words and the curved lines.  Hand printing;  your brain likes what you do.  The connection between a pen in your hand, printing, and your brain is much better than anything else.  Because you are printing individual words, your brain is processing and expanding on that as opposed to having to process the working of a keyboard to type words plus operating the software if you are using Mind Mapping software.  Also the brain likes drawings you make rather than photos or copies of drawings from someone else.  The brain loves color.  Colors you choose are always the best.  I have talked with Barry Mapp if there is a difference in the colors you use.  He felt, from his studies, there were not.  And finally, plenty of “white” space.  Do not overcrowd.

The end result is that you will end up with with something that will resemble pictures (photos and renditions) of the brain.  The neurons.  I definitely will post some for viewing and/or give links.