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Welcome to my-mind-map.com.  The reason for this website is after seeing and experimenting with many different techniques I found one that works very well for me and I would like to share it with you. You may find it as useful for you as I did for me.  I certainly would like to hear from you.

I found that the technique I use for my regular Mind Mapping bears little resemblance to the Mind Maps at different Mind Mapping sites.   It occurred to me that people would want to know about the technique that I use, why and how.  Why is that I discovered the best way for me to Mind Map was to use the technique by the acclaimed inventor of Mind Mapping, Tony Buzan.  Barry Mapp (who studied under Tony Buzan and subsequently developed teaching on line classes and in depth analysis of Mind Mapping ) who I currently believe is one of the best teachers of how to use this technique.  How I use the technique is what the site is all about.  Since people would be in various stages of where they were at with Mind Mapping I made the site with short explanations that the Menu breaks into different topics.  There is repetition and that is on purpose.  Seeing the same thought in a different context may give you more insight.  The menu items and the Posts are listed in alphabetical order on the right side of the site so you can easily go from topic to topic not necessarily in order but by interest.  For those that are brand new follow the menu at the top of the page.

Three important things to remember.  1.  Consider it as a users guide to Mind Mapping.  2.  It is under constant construction/improvement.  3.  Please feel free to offer your opinions, suggestions and comments.  The contact page is very basic.  The only requirement is a valid e-mail address.  The latest website security is being incorporated for both you and I.  Fortunately now days it is not difficult to  add security features onto the site.

 And finally if you want to see something different is a “book” for small children.   Treat yourself to a different technique, experimental and fun.  If you have or know small children (3 to 7 yrs old) please take a look at Mind Mapping for Children.

It is for free.