Your own private Lab

If you are interested in Mind Mapping you have a deluge of information about Mind Mapping available to you.  How do you find out what’s good?

Is what I am suggesting the best of Mind Mapping?  Here is how to get 100% correct results from your own lab.  Your lab of course is your very own super computer (your brain).

Remember the way that I am suggesting to do a Mind Map requires no special equipment nor financial outlay.  You don’t need a computer.  Obviously if you are reading this you have a computer. Many of the Mind Mapping techniques you will run across require software that can range in price from very expensive to free.  My suggestion is when you find another Mind Mapping technique that you want to try, do two identical Mind Maps.  One using the new technique (most software I’ve seen provide a trial period at no cost) and use the technique I suggest.  Your super computer will give the results instantly.  It is real simple, whatever works for you best is the one to use.  When doing the Mind Maps, do them without referring to the other one.  They will be different with only the Topic being the same for sure.  There may be similar branches but they will be different and it is up to you to decide which is the one for you.

Here are a few things to think about.  When someone says “there is a school of thought on this” you can be sure that no one is really positive of the answer.  Or “scientists have a consensus of opinion on this” is someone doesn’t understand science.  Scientists don’t take a vote on things with the consensus winning.  It either can be proved or it is just a theory.

In Mind Mapping you can trust your super computer to tell YOU what YOU like.  That is what is important.